Music Genome Project

Pioneering personalization

We pioneered music personalization with the Music Genome Project, and it’s what differentiates us from any other digital platform. When listeners discover music they love on Pandora, it’s the result of 13 years of people-powered craftsmanship.

From Top 40 to Flamenco, our musicologists analyze every song for up to 450 distinct musical characteristics, because humans can do some things algorithms can’t. This personal touch empowers our listeners to create completely unique stations. With each thumb up or down, the Music Genome Project gets smarter and continues to tailor song selections to individual tastes. 

We take great pride in hearing our listeners say, “Pandora just gets me.” Creating bonds between artists, brands and fans is our purpose, and the Music Genome Project is our heart and soul. 

Algorithms aren’t personal. People are personal.