Power of Audio Podcast Series

The Power of Audio is an original podcast series brought to you from Pandora for Brands. Each episode takes a deep look into the ways audio and sound impact our lives. Together, we’ll explore how brands can harness audio to tell stories, create connections and drive advertising ROI.

Pandora’s audio experts discuss the important role a “Sonic Identity” plays in audio advertising–what it is, why it’s useful and how to master it.

Pandora’s audio experts return to explain why a “Sonic Identity” is even more important in this increasingly connected, mobile and personalized world.

Listen to Pranav Yadav, the CEO of Neuro-Insight, reveal what neuroscience technology tells us about how our brains respond to advertising.

Hear Sam Crowther, Head of Creative at A Million Ads, discuss the evolutionary importance of sound as a way to convey meaning and emotion.

In a 360-degree exploration of how music and food are connected, Steve Keller, the CEO/Strategist of the audio branding consultancy iV, reveals new research into how music can influence taste. Additionally, two chefs and Taco Bell’s Director of Brand Experience join us to discuss how food and beverage brands can effectively use music in their marketing.

Susan Panico, Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions at Pandora, and Ron Rodrigues, Pandora’s own Audio Strategist, join us to talk about the 2018 Definitive Guide to Audio. This report uses real and reliable data to assess the state of broadcast radio, streaming music and podcasting. In this episode, Susan and Ron discuss the report’s key findings and why advertisers should invest in audio.

Mood Media’s Danny Turner, Global Vice President of Creative Programming, and Lane Bryant’s Eric Gohs, Vice President of Marketing Strategy, join us to discuss the challenges brick-and-mortar retailers face during the holidays, and why using music to create a in-store experience is more important than ever. In this episode, Eric also tell us how he used digital media to drive in-store visits during a notoriously busy time of year

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