The Power of Audio, Episode 9

In this episode of The Power of Audio, we are discussing the topic of “Theater of the Mind” with several special guests:

  • Jonathan Mitchel – Creator and Producer of “The Truth”
  • Vanessa Goh – Creative Director at Pandora
  • Miya Kanzaki – Sr. Copywriter, Advertising Creative | Pandora
  • Bianca Salinas – Audio Advertisement Producer at Pandora

Whether you’re using the theater of the mind to drive the story, or just to highlight different key moments for a listener, the truth is that sound design helps ads perform better.

“If you’re not using sound design and Theater of the Mind to reach out to listeners in a way that’s really effective, is a missed opportunity for brands. Instead of sending a simple message, you can send a more effective story.” ~Vanessa Goh, Creative Director at Pandora

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